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She is class and grace, the epitome of perfection. He is masculine and strong. She opens her heart and soul to every person she meets. He makes you feel like you've known each other your whole life. They are Shannon and Ryan and my life and heart become substantially fuller since these two walked into it.

People flock to California for vacation because of the warm perfect weather, the crystal blue skies and the amazing gorgeous beaches. Santa Barbara was made for moments like this. We got to road trip it down to Santa Barbara the day after 4th of July for Shannon and Ryan's wedding at the Santa Barbara Historical Museum and it was magical. The entire week was to be honest.  I still tear up just thinking about all the memorable moments that surround our meeting each other and getting to the big day. Obviously these two are tightly wrapped around my heart and will never ever leave.

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The wedding day started as a gloomy and overcast coastal morning. It was foggy, it was chilly but everything felt warm. Armed with jugs of Starbucks coffee I made my way over to the Dahlia building at the stunning The Fess Parker  and I felt giddy and so excited to see these amazing souls Iv'e come to adore all these months and give them the biggest hugs. As I made my way through the hall I felt the stinging in my eyes build up already. I knew this day was going to be pure magic.

I found the rooms easily because I just followed the sound of Brittany Spears coming from the suites reserved for the bridal party.Walking in it was clear coffee was not needed, there was a buzz of excitement and a typical happy frenzy of wedding day nerves in the room but there was also calm. The girls were getting their hair and make up done, the dresses were hanging screaming they were ready to get this party started and everyone was laughing and in a great mood...and then there was Shannon. She was as calm as calm can be. Sitting in front of the balcony staring out over the perfect resort it was like she was made for this day. A love filled day. Her loved filled day. And that's just it, every time you turned around the whole weekend someone was talking about these two, their love and how much they were loved. It was a weekend of Ryan and Shannon and their love and no one else. The world stopped spinning and revolved again just around these two and it was magnetic. 

To say there was an overpowering sense of emotion that day would be an understatement. Watching the sun come out of the clouds as I walked Ryan into the "secret garden" to wait for his amazing soon to be bride during their first look was an honor. Everything was green and clear and there was a spark in the air as I gave him a big hug and watched the emotion wash over him for the first time. Taking Shannon's hand as we talked about all of our months of planning for THIS. EXACT. MOMENT, getting her to that corner and giving her the biggest hug and kiss and wiping our tears away as she walked to her soon to be husband was unforgettable. Seeing the way they looked at each other with no one else around in the world to see (besides the photographers and us who were hiding) was breath taking and it made you hope that everyone finds this. That everyone can find someone to love that much. These two are what love stories are made of. Their love is what little girls dream of and wish for on their wedding day. Ryan is a Prince and there is no denying that Shannon is his Queen.

There was not a cloud in the perfect blue warm sky as the ceremony took place under the gorgeous sweeping trees of the museum courtyard. Every seat was taken as their family and friends anxiously waited to see their two loved ones start a new chapter in their lives. As they both made their way down the aisle there was not a single dry eye in the entire crowd. You could feel the happiness oozing from the crowd into the air. This was the start of their story that day, being welcomed into an overwhelming circle of adoring love from family and friends.  

Shannon and Ryan.... thank you so much for letting me be a part of making this day so magical for you. Thank you for trusting me with your details, your vision, your future and most of all your heart. Your sweet amazing hearts. Your incredible family will forever be with me and I will always cherish our friendship and how much you have given my soul. I love you guys so much and I can't wait to see you this fall. Get ready for the never ending squeals, kisses, hugs and dinner dates.





Wedding Planner + Coordination: Katie Rebecca Events  | Photography: Vinson Photography | Videographer: Moka Visuals  | Venue: Santa Barbara Historical Museum | Florist: SR Hogue 
Catering and Rentals: Pure Joy Catering | DJ: DJFX Entertainment  |